About Us

Since its establishment, Turquoise's mission has always been to provide best quality products to all customers. At Turquoise, all our activities are drawn and executed keeping 'You First' in our mind. Achieving customer delight has always been the driving force behind our high motivation to provide the finest quality products to all clients.

Turquoise is the leading company in providing rice straw and hay grass. Each product goes through comprehensive quality check and is delivered to customers. At Turquoise, timely deliveries are always a very high priority.

Cattle feed accounts for a major cost in cattle breeding. Thus, the nutrition the cattle needs and the availability of cattle feed must be carefully balanced. A nutritious diet ensures good health of cattle. Turquoise products are the best alternative food source for cows and horses. Healthy cattle help our customers in achieving better dairy output. Similarly the diet of racing horses is of the utmost importance.

Turquoise products are not only used as cattle feed but also in paper and packaging industry. They are also used for manufacturing manure and fertilizers.